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Due to ever increasing pollution in our environment and our fast paced lifestyles, our skin suffers from impurities and stress. In Style facials provide deep cleansing, exfoliation and improved circulation to the skin. Improved circulation results in better skin color and tone. Blackhead extraction is performed if necessary. A skin appropriate soothing mask is followed by moisturization of the skin.

This one-hour facial gives your face a radiant look. It includes steam, exfoliation and massage of the face, neck and shoulders leaving your skin cleansed and relaxed.
Soothe and heal your stressed skin from our special range comprising of botanical products.
Based on the 5000 years old Eco-System of Ayurveda, experience our unique range of formulations of organically grown Himalayan herbs that focus on rejuvenation.
Utilizes the natural therapeutic properties of the sea and is suitable for all skin types. This is our new line from Switzerland. The seaweed based products are designed to re-hydrate, re-mineralize and re-balance the skin.
Indulge in mineral rich elements to detoxify and restore balance to the skin. This 90-minute treatment is designed to firm and tone the face. This treatment is excellent for facial detoxification.
The back is treated to a relaxing, cleansing massage and a deep pore cleansing with an invigorating exfoliating process. This enhances the smoothness of the back.
Best for those with limited time, this is a mini version of our best selling facial. It includes deep cleansing, moisturizing massage and mask. Extraction of impurities is not included.
Dandelion Revitalizer $10
A rare combination of naturally occurring nutrients. Rich in vitamin E and minerals like Iron, Phosphorus and Iodine, Potash and Sulfur. Also contains Nutmeg Oil that helps to stimulate the skin and ease wrinkles. Regular use ensures a youthful complexion.
Saffron Youth Dew $10
Rich in pure Saffron, Almond and Pistachio oils. This cream is a natural source of Vitamins and Minerals for nourishment of the skin.
Wheat Germ Cream $10
A rich cream that contains naturally occurring Vitamin B and E along with A and D. It contains extract of Carrot, Oils of Sunflower and Almond along with essential minerals.
Pistachio Mask $10
A skin treatment used by ancient Queens. The goodness of Almond, Pistachio, Saffron and Lentils nourishes the skin while making it fairer and smoother.
Fruit Pack $10
The juices of Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon and Papaya fruit leave the skin clear, youthful and fresh. Everyday use helps to make skin fairer and firmer.
Milk Protein Pack $10
Helps to moisturize and revitalize the skin. It eases wrinkles and smoothes the skin making it radiant. Contains Almond Oil, Honey, Wheat germ extracts and Milk Protein along with Seaweed.
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