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Hair Care Products

The hair-stylist is the only real hair expert , the only person who is able to understand what hair needs and to plan a complete treatment. This is why Framesi has dedicated to hair-stylists its lines of professional products, highly reliable for the quality of their formulas, for their effectiveness and their aesthetic results. Many lines of products for many specific solutions, because each single customer has specific needs. A vast range of professional products to meet any possible need of the hairstylists and their clientele. From the back-wash shampoos to the special cream specially designed for the hairdresserís hands care, many specific solutions granted by the high quality of Framesi products.

The Science of Beauty or the Beauty Powered by Science........
Beginning in 1960, Redken revolutionized the professional salon business by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning. Based on evidence that hair is composed primarily of proteins, and can absorb topically applied proteins, Redken developed new protein based products. Salons were suddenly able to condition hair internally and for the long-term rather than solely camouflage damage. Redken soon began to develop patented protein technologies and now holds over 60 global patents on products and ingredients. In fact, Redken's two latest patents for protein technology are the basis for our haircare and styling lines.
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